Committed to the environment

Holistic responsibility


How can we find a perfect balance between protecting the environment and its resources and economic growth? This question affects our actions on a daily basis.


For us, sustainable economic success is intertwined with ecologic and societal responsibility. As a company in the food industry, we feel especially obligated to nature. We see this obligation as a fundamental task for securing the future of the company and all its employees.



Protect resources


We are convinced that protection of the environment is directly related to the quality of our products. Therefore, we only employ state-of-the-art production methods, protecting resources. For example, by recovering waste heat we are reducing our energy consumption for heating up water and our cooling systems are working with an environmentally friendly system instead of freezing agent R22. Waste water is controlled as well; we aim at a certain pH-value that can be adjusted by a neutralising facility if necessary.


Within the company, we foster environmental thinking on all levels and set value on the fact that business partners and suppliers all have their own environment management systems in place while acting according to ecological criteria. We reduce packaging as much as possible to guarantee freshness and full flavour while protecting the environment. Obviously, the required packaging is being recycle. All of this is environmentally friendly and good for consumers.