Raw materials & production

Quality starts with selecting raw materials


Ever since the company was founded, the name Döllinghareico is synonymous with high-quality products. Döllinghareico’s guarantee for taste means we only use first-class ingredients, modern production methods and the experience of 100 years in meat-processing. You can taste it!


Meat from selected suppliers


Quality of sausages is influenced by its most important ingredient: meat. We use only high-quality fresh meat, no frozen material. During purchasing, we trust carefully selected and reliable suppliers, employing the same quality standards as we do. To make sure that the agreed-upon quality standards are met, we conduct unannounced audits twice a year at every supplier.


Aromatic spices


Our products get a certain kick from our selection of herbs and spices, adding a very special and individual flavour to all sausage products. Spices include, among others, salt, caraway, marjoram and, of course, pepper. Gently ground, it develops its full flavour – typical Döllinghareico. While they are processed, we process the ingredients gently to contain all contents for a healthy diet.


Gentle processing


Döllinghareico has 100 years of experience in meat-processing. We employ state-of-the-art production methods and technologies to use our experience for our products. Finest raw materials are gently processed to contain the nutritional value and to save the flavour. This way, every sausage dish is a real treat.