At Döllinghareico we only use frest meat that can be traced back without gaps. The meat is sourced from controlled farmers in the EU, most of it from German farmers. Frank Erpenstein and his team control the meat when it is delivered and check for possible temperature differences. Moreover, every delivery is tested in the in-house lab. In case of complaints, the supplier has to take back the delivered goods.


Only raw materials meeting our high standards are approved for further processing. To guarantee highest-possible transparency, our company is tested by independent experts on a continual basis.








Döllinghareico processes only meat that has been cut from the bones before delivery. Andreas Kloska and his colleagues then cut the meat to size, depending on further processing. Every task gets an internal batch number, making sure that the whole process can be traced back.









For making sausages we only use selected recipes. Beate Holzhauer puts these spice mixtures together according to our traditional recipes and weighs the required amount by hand.











Sven Trechter puts the cut meat and the spices into a cutter, producing a homogenous mass. Within the machine a number of fast-rotating knives grind the different components. Just like on all other production levels, regular samples are taken and tested in the lab.











Traditionally, only natural casings are used for wieners. Carefully cleaned sheep intestines are filled with the mass, making sausages that are equal in length and weight. As soon as the ends of the sausages are heat-sealed, they are suspended from the smoking car.









Hot smoking


After filling, our wieners are scalded in hot water steam, making a durable as well as crispy sausage. Smoking them with beech tree chippings adds unique flavour and colouring to our products. Gerd Illgen supervises the smoking process and takes care of the sausages so that are taken from the smoke and proceeded to cooling at just the right time.










In our in-house labs, samples of every batch are analysed every day. Yvonne Dierenfeld supervises and approves the quality of all products with state-of-the-art devices. Yet it is not only about measured values. During the sensory testing taking place every day, experienced employees like Bernd Meister, head of quality assurance, judge taste and texture of our sausages. They know exactly how a Döllinghareico product is supposed to taste.








Packaging is security! To protect our sausages from external influences, they are vacuum-sealed, canned or sealed air-tight in a protected atmosphere. It is the only way we can guarantee the real Döllinghareico flavour. Cans are filled manually as the products are very sensible and have to be handled with care.









Our employees take care that goods are delivered to the right place at the right time. From delivery to packaging in boxes and shipping in trucks, the products are always stored in the right climate. Our truck fleet and shipping companies all employ up-to-date trucks with separate cooling chambers to cool every product individually. Therefore, you can be sure to buy fresh products, meeting the highest requirements.