Our quality promise

Everybody is committed to highest quality


We make sure that everything is carefully analysed, from the delivery of raw materials to the shipment of our products. Modern technology only, however, is not enough for us. Every day, trained Döllinghareico employees try our sausage products. They are checking taste, texture, smell and outward appearance. In the end, our own palate is the decisive factor. You can count on the fact that we are not making any compromises. We are promising the best Döllinghareico quality to our customers and have delivered for more than 100 years.


Perfect quality, perfect taste


When sausages are concerned it is all about high quality. Whether it is eaten for breakfast, as a savoury lunch or a tasty dinner or at a barbecue, first-class taste has many faces. Our unique recipes have been nurtured and developed for generations. High standards for selecting the best raw materials and during the production process are equally important.