Quality assurance

Transparent production


You want to know the ingredients of your favourite sausage? Where does the raw material come from, when was it processed and when did we ship the sausages? No problem at all. We want to know it, too, at all times and without gaps.


Complete traceability


With our internal information system, we can trace back all of our products to the source of origin. Every product can be related to a production date and broken down to single ingredients according to its batch number. We sava all data about suppliers, raw materials used as well as delivery dates. We create security by being transparent.


Regular checks


When it comes to food, continuous diligence is imperative. All meat delivered to us is tested for hygiene, outward appearance and smell, microbiological tests confirm that we use only impeccable resources in our production lines. After that, we don’t let the meat out of sight until it leaves the premises as one of Döllinghareico’s quality products.


Hygiene without compromises


For us, following highest standards in hygiene is a given. On all levels of production, we make sure that everything is perfectly clean and handled by experts to make sure that we create real quality products. We like others to have a look because we are proud about our products and provide you with a guarantee for taste.


Analyses in the lab


In our in-house labs, we conduct a variety of tests and analyses on a daily basis to always guarantee highest quality. Moreover, independent external labs test the quality of our products on a continual basis. It is as important for us as it is for consumers.